A Ride of a Lifetime to Discover Resorts

With most people working 9 to 5 jobs through the week, Saturday and Sunday are put aside to pursue a hobby, art or in some cases a true love. True love? Yes, something that gets the blood pumping, the heart racing, and leaves butterflies in the stomach. Well, for the Royal Enfield Pirates, long rides on their precious Royal Enfield bikes do just that.

We became the getaway destination for the Royal Enfield Pirates last week and provided them with a long ride on their beloved Royal Enfield bikes and a comfortable stay at Discover Resorts. With families in tow, they set their hearts and minds on a fun, family weekend, and rode toward our gorgeous Tuscany themed acreage.

Cool breeze, scenic landscape and prime highway escorted them on their 2 hour long journey to the Matheran foothills. They were also serenaded by the gentle purring of their bikes, and the sweet music of nature, as they drew closer to the resort.

We make always make it a point to tailor special events like this one,to the requirements of the guests, and this time was no different. Besides for the variety of amenities already available at the resort, such as the games room, outdoor sports and swimming pool, we organized a special paintball arena for the bikers, for added fun.

“Our bike ride to Discover Resorts was spectacular and we were very happy to share our love and passion for riding with our families. We were greeted very warmly by Mr. Shahrukh and the rest of the Discover Resorts team, and were pleased with the arrangements made for our stay. The resort was beautiful and made for the perfect getaway destination, as well as the perfect venue for the event we had planned. Our group was also treated to wonderful spa services, which was the highlight of our stay. We were amazed by the promptness of the Discover Resorts management team, in organizing the paintball arena that we had specifically requested, well done! Overall, a very memorable and enjoyable trip”, said Amaan, Founder of The Royal Enfield Pirates, Mumbai.

The Royal Enfield Pirates also received front row seats to Saturday’s IPL match that was screened out in the open, on a huge screen, followed by drinks and scrumptious food.Till the end of May, we will be screening the IPL matches, everyday throughout the week, as part of the Cricket Fever Event. We are currently organizing Cricket Fever Packages for couples and large groups for the same.

After the eventful weekend, we bid adieu to the Royal Enfield Pirates, Mumbai, as they rode off feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, after a happy weekend of peaceful bliss. We were glad to make their break from the city and their true love of riding extra special, in the serenity and beauty of the Matheran foothills.