Discover Resorts & The Light of Life Trust

2016 seems to be the year of change for India, with the introduction of many new policies and movements; some good and some bad. One movement that seems to be ever-evolving is women and children’s empowerment. Women and children are the most vulnerable section of rural Indian society, exploited emotionally and physically for gain. Luckily, today, there are people stepping up to stop this.

The Light of Life Trust is one such organization which is taking a big step to educate, empower and equip rural India’s section of women and children. With policies and core values based on integrity, transparency, respect and above all, compassion and love, this NGO is tackling the problem in leaps and bounds.

As with all Non-Government Organizations, raising funds and awareness are the two main factors that really make an impact and help an organization function. For 2016, the trust was preparing for Kalpataru – A Musical Drama, aimed to showcase the talents of the Anant children. As you know, every great theatrical event requires hours of practice and ample amounts of space for it, so what better place than the 5 acre expanse of Discover Resorts.

Comprising 200 rooms, an Olympic size pool, gorgeous landscaped lawns and other amenities, Discover Resorts is fit for a king. It is also equipped with two conference rooms that are fitted with state-of-the-art AV technology and equipment. With so much to offer and go around, the resort always look forward to hosting events and other functions that are connected to special and impactful causes; especially those that give back to the community.

“Taking into consideration that it was for a social cause, Mr. Shahrukh Pawaskar and his team at Discover Resorts provided us their services at a very good and incomparable rates without compromising on the quality. It was a great experience, thanks to the efficiency of the staff at Discover Resorts. The food quality was good too. Thank you once again to the whole team of Discover Resorts to make the rehearsals very smooth and productive for the kids.”- Mr. Sudhir Gajbhiye, The Light of Life Trust.

To give you a brief background about the trust and the event, way back in 2008, the Anant program was started by the The Light of Life Trust to train and teach Indian vocals, tabla and folk dance to beneficiaries coming from underprivileged communities. Till date, the program has taught over 300 beneficiaries. These very same beneficiaries were the big stars in Kalpataru which premiered on 23rd April 2016. Kalpataru – A Musical Drama is based on the famous story by ‘The Flowering Tree’ and was written & choreographed by the Srijon Foundation.

The Anant children were accompanied and led by Kamalika Guha Thakurta, founder of the Srijon Foundation, who is a famous Indian television actress, theatre personality and dancer. Discover Resorts was very lucky and honored to be chosen as the rehearsal studio for such a tremendous and special cause. The rehearsals were completely hush hush and took them 4 days to complete, so we can pretty much expect that the kids and event were phenomenal!