Summer camp for kids | Outdoor summer camp

This summer, let your children enjoy an outdoor summer camp at Discover Resorts. This summer camp for kids will help them learn new and interesting hobbies while they burn off all their pent up energies accumulated after a gruelling school year.


Weekend Home @ Discover Resort !

Its the most which any one will like if they are greeted and treated like a Family Member. Its very well maintained at Discover Resort where they meet and provide well-come drink at the reception and explain you each detail about the resort starting from rooms to food provided with an Intercom Facility.


Looking for short weekend Staycation ?
Then Discover Resorts​ is the perfect Place

We are all busy in our day to day hustle and bustle, that daily client calls, meetings & commitment for our work. To get out of all this fuss i found my perfect weekend hideaway from the bump and rumble of city life, Discover Resorts. The beauty of the place belongs to their lavish signature pool. The place is beautifully nested in the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains which keeps the place quite cool and pleasant for all weather.


Staycation with Discover Resorts!

Surrounded with scenic mountainspace and filled with the sounds of nature, Discover Resorts is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Spread across 6 acres of lush land on the foothills of Matheran, it is no less than a secret escape from our hectic lives. The travel to this place can be done by a car or a train, this resort is near to the Neral railway station.


A Relaxing Weekend Getaway In The Foot Hills Of Matheran!

The reason I loved this getaway was, neither of us had sufficient time for a long getaway and we didn’t want to kill the whole time traveling. It took us exactly 3 hours to reach our weekend getaway from Mumbai and we really couldn’t be happier. When we entered the property of Discover resorts


A Weekend Getaway! Ft. Discover Resorts

We were looking for a place which is near to Mumbai. So, we found this very beautiful resort at Neral, (near Matheran). It’s only 2 hours away by road, so perfect for a quick weekend trip. I headed there on a Saturday morning and returned by Sunday evening so that we can get back to our routine on Monday.



I had many shoots pending because of the rains, and Mumbai floods. So I and Siddhant were looking out for a place to shoot and get done with all our October Collaborations and Luckily DISCOVER RESORTS , which is in Neral asked us to collaborate and gave us their complete resort for shoot purpose also to stay back for one night and Enjoy their hospitality.



Living in the state of Maharashtra has more pros than cons. While there are several hill stations just a few hundred kms away, it is difficult to pick a secluded place. After suffering from the latest calamity (a writer’s block) to hit me, a staycation seemed the perfect antidote. Browsing for something new and inspiring, I decided to spoil myself with a staycation over at “Discover Resorts”.


The Time I spent amidst Sahyadri Mountains.

Our idea of a chilled out getaway is simply set out to either of these places and relax and unwind. But let’s face it how many times will someone go to lonavala and Matheran. Not all the time I guess. I was very excited to find discover resorts, which is in Neral.


Throwback to My Little Getaway!

I instantly jumped into the collaboration with Discover Resorts when I found the opportunity to give myself a well-deserved break! I had never travelled anywhere without my parents and it felt so awesome travelling solo for the first time, especially to such an amazing place !


Tale of two sisters | Discover Resorts

” I found this really cool place, not much far away from the city. Come along and let’s discover the science of why we need breaks in life.”

Finally, the sisters went to a place to take a break. That place was a beautiful, big resort named Discover in Neral, Maharashtra, India.


Discover Resorts & The Light of Life Trust

2016 seems to be the year of change for India, with the introduction of many new policies and movements; some good and some bad. One movement that seems to be ever-evolving is women and children’s empowerment. Women and children are the most vulnerable section of rural Indian society, exploited emotionally and physically for gain. Luckily, today, there are people stepping up to stop this.

The Light of Life Trust is one such organization which is taking a big step to educate, empower and equip rural India’s section of women and children. With policies and core values based on integrity, transparency, respect and above all, compassion and love, this NGO is tackling the problem in leaps and bounds.


IPL Cricket Fever at Discover Resorts

Spread across 5 acres of lush land, amidst the beauty of the Matheran foothills, lies the proverbial oasis, Discover Resorts, with 200 plush rooms, grassy lawns and wondrous amenities. With the commencement of the 9th season of the Indian Premiere League under way, the only question on every fan’s mind seems to be “Where can I go to cheer my favourite team”?

While most go in search of big screens, food & drink packages, and popular screening areas, Discover Resorts will be offering up a package that is sure to be the holy grail of sports entertainment.


A Ride of a Lifetime to Discover Resorts

With most people working 9 to 5 jobs through the week, Saturday and Sunday are put aside to pursue a hobby, art or in some cases a true love. True love? Yes, something that gets the blood pumping, the heart racing, and leaves butterflies in the stomach. Well, for the Royal Enfield Pirates, long rides on their precious Royal Enfield bikes do just that.

We became the getaway destination for the Royal Enfield Pirates last week and provided them with a long ride on their beloved Royal Enfield bikes and a comfortable stay at Discover Resorts. With families in tow, they set their hearts and minds on a fun, family weekend, and rode toward our gorgeous Tuscany themed acreage.